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Unlike many agencies, Hummr recruits through university referrals, client partnerships, and word of mouth. Starting with a professional recommendation, we follow a strict 6 step talent acquisition process before on boarding,

Application Review

Applications are screened for industry expertise, market history, niche work experience, duration of program relationship + quality reported, as well as managerial / client references. Bilingual, cross-functional, and high performing individuals are uniquely prioritized according to client request. 

Local Interview #1

Initial interviews are conducted in person, or occasionally virtually. Each talent is given a series of behavioral questions and situational inquiries. Each marketer is curated with a specific client / program in mind, ensuring applicants are appropriately specialized. 

Regional Interview #2

Regional interviews are conducted by at minimum, two of our market managers. This collective conversation ensures applicants are an excellent fit for both client and team culture, as well as having the skills to exceed outstanding project criteria. 

On Boarding

.....is a welcoming party with pay attached! Each new BA receives an informational, all hiring docs, as well as comprehensive backgrounds on the client, program and regional contacts. Transparency and candid communication are essential, driving quality within our advocate community .


When in doubt, train! Initial program on boardings are carried out at client or partner headquarters, ensuring BA teams receive F2F time before launch. For geographically distributed teams, virtual trainings are our lifeline, enabling parties to join conversations from around the globe.