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From corporate events to conventions, Hummr executes end-to-end marketing campaigns for clients throughout the west coast..

University Marketers.

Looking to recruit graduates, spread the word about your brand, or reach the next generation of early adopters?


Hummr partners with dozens of prestigious universities, creating a grassroots academic network for clients across the nation. Many of our advocates are partner alumni. After all, who better to hire than talent who are your target audience?



Sector Specialists.

In an industry ripe with emerging technologies, audiences may require support when trying out products. 


From new devices to apps and games, Hummr advocates have staffed some of the world's largest conventions and conferences, This includes BCD events, product tours, and more. Experience is the best teacher, which is why we only hire staff with stellar performance records and impeccable client / manager referrals.

Service + Product Evangelists.

It takes two to make a conversation. Once your product has launched, pushing its growth trajectory might be your next greatest challenge. 


Product/service evangelists are essential drivers for increasing user + customer base. For clients needing to be in 2, 3, or 4 places at once without the time to in house a full marketing team, Hummr partners with industry specific evangelists to ensure integrity for every product/service engagement.


Conference + Convention Staff.

Over 90% of Hummr's Bay + Seattle area talent have technology conferences, conventions, and corporate activations on their resumes.


We screen talent for technical proficiency and only on board individuals who can artfully communicate even the most challenging products/services. When working with sector -specific events, we believe it is vital that marketers specialize. This ensures our advocates can carry comprehensive dialogues with well informed audiences 


Brand Advocates + Outreach Crews.

For many clients, a substantial amount of their user base is attributed to real-time brand events and activations.


Our advocates are consistently on the go - whether it be at conventions, fairs, corporate parks, socials, or all hands. We know how to drill through experiential quandaries and production ambiguities, ensuring clients receive unparalleled service at every outreach. 


User / Download Optimization.

Metrics have never been more important than today. Converting app downloads to active users can present a hurdle that inevitably affects services' critical mass, funding, and launch times.


We know that getting a customer to download is only the beginning of the acquisition journey. Walking audiences through the service flow and interfacing capabilities is our specialty.